Home Equity Loans

Our Home Equity Line of Credit is the Perfect $hade of Green!


Save on Taxes and Interest with a Home Equity Loan

With a Cornerstone Community Bank Home Equity Loan you might be able to save money on our special low, locked-in interest rate that could be 100% tax-deductible (consult your tax adviser). You’ll enjoy the convenience of affordable monthly payments over a fixed time period and you might be able to save even more by paying off higher interest obligations, such as department store charges.


With our Home Equity Credit Line, you can also enjoy lower interest rates and tax savings benefits. Whenever you need money, write one of your credit line checks. To find out whether you’re in a good borrowing position, and the maximum amount you should be able to borrow, take our Cornerstone Community Bank One-Minute Home Equity Loan Test. Then call us, and we’ll get back to you right away with the answers you need.


Patricia Buechler (NMLS #928118) at 262-546-1003


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Current Offer – 4.25% APR*

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Patricia Buechler (NMLS #928118) at 262-546-1003

*Annual Percentage Rate effective 6/01/10. One year after signing date, the APR shall be equal to the prime rate as published in the Wall Street Journal for lines over $25,000 and prime rate plus 1% for lines $25,000 or less. APR may vary. Maximum APR that may be charged is 18%. An increase in the APR may cause an increase in finance charge payments or an increase in the number of payments.

Checks to draw on this account will be ordered for you. The minimum monthly payment is 2% of the unpaid principal balance outstanding, but not less than $100.00. A balloon payment will result if only the minimum payment is made and you choose to close your account with a balance remaining.

Subject to our normal credit approval process. Estimated other costs/fees not to exceed $700.00 – fees waived in most cases. Annual fee not to exceed $50.00 – annual fee waived the first year. Finance charges apply.

Insurance on property mortgaged is required.