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Cornerstone Community Bank Switched to New Bank Domain

  • Cornerstone Community Bank moved to the .bank domain for website and email communications
  • .bank offers increased security 
  • Anyone visiting will be redirected to Please update any bookmarks.
  • Emails sent to an employee at will redirect to Please update any contact records.
  • Online logins are accessible through Please update any login bookmarks.


Effective January 4, 2021, Cornerstone Community Bank implemented a new domain “” for its internet operations. The .bank environment is exclusive to the banking industry making it a more secure internet domain. The strict controls in place help mitigate cyber security risk and allow Cornerstone Community Bank to better protect its customers. 

“Anyone can purchase a .com domain,” explained Cornerstone Community Bank President Paul Foy. “To obtain a .bank domain you have to be a bank and undergo extensive verification. Switching to this new domain enables us to build a high-trust environment for our customers, as well as to provide a more secure domain to better protect them against cybercrime attacks.”

As customers, you will easily, and immediately, be able to identify whether an email or website belongs to the bank. This is important now more than ever due to an increase in online banking and also email-based cyberattacks due to the pandemic. While the new domain will took effect in January, controls are in place forwarding anyone using directly to the Cornerstone website and emails.

President’s Message

I’m Paul Foy, President of Cornerstone Community Bank. Everything we do here at Cornerstone is built around you. Based in Grafton, Cornerstone was founded in 1990 as a locally-owned, family-operated business.

Understanding the needs of small business is nothing new to us because we are a small business. Our experienced team of professionals provide small businesses fast, personal service. We offer in-house lending options for real estate loans, non-profit organizations, and commercial operating entities. Additionally, Cornerstone is a SBA Preferred Lender giving you quick turnaround.

Cornerstone originates and services fixed rate residential loans, second mortgages and home equity lines of credit.  Servicing these loans “in-house” gives our customers the comfort of knowing that they will be dealing with a banker face to face should an issue arise down the road. We also offer adjustable rate mortgages and jumbo loans at competitive rates.

Cornerstone Community Bank is a high-tech, high-touch bank – meaning we offer most everything the “big banks” do, but in a hometown “community bank” atmosphere. You can come in for a visit with our friendly staff; or if you prefer, use the latest technology to do your banking. Through our website, you can access our traditional online banking and bill pay system. When you’re on the go, download our app and bank on your mobile device. We offer a bill pay system with added features and mobile access. We also have Cornerstone branded apps for smartphones and tablets, and mobile check capture where you can deposit checks directly to your bank account with one easy click using your smart phone. At Cornerstone, we are staying on the cutting edge of technology so you can bank without boundaries!

Cornerstone is proud to be independent, ensuring you have local decision makers who are able to respond promptly to your needs. We are a pillar of financial strength, having consistent profitability and a “Well-Capitalized” capital designation by the FDIC.

Your deposits with Cornerstone are invested in our community through loans to your neighbors, friends and local businesses, ensuring a vibrant local economy. In addition, Cornerstone and its staff are proud to be involved in numerous religious, service and charitable organizations throughout the community.

We are the area’s premier community bank, and we would like to be your bank “built around you.”

Best regards,

Paul A. Foy


Cornerstone Community Bank Officers
Paul Foy – President
Erik Stanton – CFO
Rick Novotny – Chief Credit Officer
Chris Zirb
es – VP Senior Commercial Lender
Jody Filo – VP Compliance
Christie Gutknecht – VP Loan Operations
Todd Novotny – VP Commercial Lender


Cornerstone Community Bank Board of Directors
Mark Lukas – LDI Industries President/Owner
Jerry Vite – Retired IBM Executive
Paul Foy – Cornerstone Community Bank President
Dan Schroeder – CPA and Retired Entrepreneur
Rick Haendel – Former President and CEO of UFS from 1991-2012

Lori Foy – Shareholder

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